Who We Are

Epstein Advisors uses a variety of team resources as needed and determined by the project and coordinated by the founder, Dave Epstein.

David I. Epstein

Dave is an advisor, investor, and management consultant at Epstein Advisors. Specializing in matching markets, teams, strategies and funding in the areas of clean tech, semiconductors, and medical device technologies, he is active today with several early stage companies. Dave shares his knowledge and network to help entrepreneurs focus on success while navigating the treacherous start-up waters. Currently, Dave’s investments include: Left Lane Networks, supporting the sharing economy; Orbital Systems, a water saving company; Watty, monitoring and saving energy; CrowdOptic combining intelligent live streaming with location data and wearables; Single Technologies, a superfast 3D molecular microscope enabling personalized medicine; and others. Dave also teaches entrepreneurship, venture capital and finance at the University of California, Berkeley and University of San Francisco to MBA candidates and in international business programs. With more than 38 years of practice as an engineer, executive, founder, venture capitalist, mentor, educator, advisor, author, and board member, Dave has experience in all aspects of the high-tech business and entrepreneurial environment.

Recently, Dave established the US branch of Orbital Systems, a Swedish startup building recirculating showers. Before that he relocated to Lund, Sweden, and was the CEO of Sol Voltaics, focusing their solar nanotechnology initiative toward product development. As a General Partner at the venture capital firm Crosslink Capital, Dave spent 7 years investing in clean tech, semiconductors, hardware, software and Systems. Prior to that, he was Interim CEO at AdaptiveRF, advisor for Transmeta Corporation, President and CEO of XStream Logic, founding CEO of Raycer Graphics, and VP of Engineering at NexGen and Kendall Square Research. He started his career at Data General as a CPU designer, chronicled in Tracy Kidder’s Soul of a New Machine.

Dave has a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA with high honors from Boston University. He has written a business book on consulting and is named on 13 patents in computer architecture. Dave recently was recognized as one of the 125 People of Impact on the 125th anniversary of the University of Wisconsin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and currently serves on its Visiting Advisory Board. He and his wife Sarah are now working with the university to establish an Ethics in Engineering initiative, focused on raising awareness on the ethical and social consequences of modern technological trends and how engineers can responsibly affect it.