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Epstein Advisors provides investment and consulting services for high tech growth ventures young and old. Whether you are two entrepreneurs in a garage or a multibillion dollar public entity, Epstein Advisors will enhance the value of your company with coaching, strategic planning, engineering review, or new business development.

What we do

A Sample of our Services

We are active investors in early stage tech companies. We have special interest in companies that will have positive, significant effect on our physical or social environments. We look for companies with very large emerging or established markets and consider only companies and entrepreneurs with impeccable ethical standards. As active investors, we look for companies that fit our expertise and where we can help.

If you have something that fits the bill, please send a teaser and/or a slide deck to angel@epsteinadvisors.com

Epstein Advisors specializes in helping startups through some of the most difficult times of their corporate lives – the beginning and the re-evaluation of a corporate strategy. Advice for companies takes on different forms depending on the specifics of the company. In some cases this can lead to us helping kickstart a new strategy with part time operational roles.

Have a specific issue that you need help with? Send a description of your company and the problem or issue you are grappling with to grow@epsteinadvisors.com

Board members are among the most important people in a company. Some boards need a bit more help, while others are not as effective as they can be. Existing board members may be just too busy, blindly trust the CEO, or just aren't willing or able to contribute to the corporate strategy. A more successful model has board members who make the time and effort to be active contributors. An Epstein Advisors board member, acting as an independent director or representing one class of stock, ensures that the company is challenged, supported and takes responsibility. Holding the company and the CEO to the highest standards and encouraging best practices is what we do best.

Upgrade your board – call on us at boards@epsteinadvisors.com

Having the most exciting and at the same time anxiety provoking job in the world, an entrepreneurial CEO finds that each of his constituents have their own agenda. Investors, partners, board members, employees, and customers compete for attention and, at times, conflicting demands. As a CEO, you need someone on your side who has no other interest than to help you succeed. Few can give you the perspective of each of those constituencies having personal experience in all those roles. Epstein Advisors brings a wealth of those experiences to help you navigate these waters as a trusted partner.

If you’re an investor, support your CEO with the resources they need with a safe person to trust for advice. Your investment will have a higher probability of success. Isn’t that what we all want?

Coaching is right for every CEO – experienced or not. Write us at coaching@epsteinadvisors.com

Dave Epstein has been teaching entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance for a decade at prestigious institutions such as University of San Francisco, University of California, Berkeley, and Hult International Business School. From a one hour overview of Silicon Valley or Venture Capital to a full credit semester capstone business course, Dave is comfortable among professionals in an auditorium of hundreds, a classroom of graduate or undergraduate students, or an small group of executives.

Need a speaker or instructor? Send a message to speaker@epsteinadvisors.com

Before you invest or embark upon buying a technology, make sure that you get several expert opinions. Epstein Advisors can help determine the maturity and robustness of technical solutions. As part of your due diligence, we have, or will help find. the right skillset to review and comment on technology. We can help even if you have an expert, but would like sound judgment and clarity on the assessment.

Contact us to help manage your technology assessment process at techreview@epsteinadvisors.com